Becoming a foster parent
About Foster Parenting
As an active member of a child's treatment team, Children Safe Haven foster parents receive a full array of services, including:
    •    Ongoing training and support from Children Safe Haven.
    •    Weekly home visits by Children Safe Haven staff.
    •    On-call support (24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week).
    •    Financial compensation.
    •    Adoption assistance.
Become a Children Safe Haven foster parent!
Do you have the commitment, patience, energy, flexibility and love needed to meet the challenging demands of foster parenting? Then please join us for an informational session, typically held the first and third Thursday of each month.
To register for an informational session or for more information, contact: 
tel:(661) 396-7025 or
We are also happy to come and speak to your group or organization.