About us
Children Safe Haven is a not-for-profit, charitable child welfare organization helping kids throughout the San Joaquin Valley recover from abuse and neglect. All kids at Children Safe Haven have some "special need" -- physical, emotional, medical, psychological -- often as a direct result of their abuse.
The people who volunteer for, work for and donate to Children Safe Haven connect vulnerable children with what they need and deserve: loving families caring unconditionally so all kids have a chance to lead healthy, productive, independent and happy lives.
In 2006, a group of concerned and caring people created Children Safe Haven to begin serving the hundreds of children who have been removed from their homes. Children Safe Haven began accepting the children with the most complex emotional and physical problems that resulted from their traumatic abuse and neglect.
Children Safe Haven recruits and rigorously trains parents to know what to expect and how to deal with challenging behaviors. These committed foster parents receive continuous support from a team of Children Safe Haven staffers, helping the child find stability through unconditional care from a family in a community.
All of Children Safe Haven's programs are designed to be nimble, creating services that match available resources with the needs of each child. Children Safe Haven teams are tailored to provide individualized plans of care that are culturally sensitive and build on each child's strengths.